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Manuel Alves Group

Founded in 1996, by Mr. Manuel Alves, also the president of the group. Today it has more than 30 stores, 30 of which are in Portugal and 2 of them in Spain. We have more than 100 employees committed to always advancing with excellence and quality. Our experience is aimed at the public Woman, Man and Child, and the best, for any type of occasion. About 70% of our shoes are produced in Portugal, which ensures their quality and supports the development and growth of the local footwear industry. With our customers in mind, we have established some partnerships with other brands that can be purchased at any of our stores: Usaflex, Picadilly, Ipanemas, Adidas, Nike among many others. You can also find a line of fashion accessories and clothing. The knowledge acquired challenged the creation of a private label that is one of our latest successes: Manuel Alves®. With our own collection we cover a wide range of customers, of whom we know the tastes and interests, and thus inspire our collections.

In 2020, the online store appears, with the aim of reaching all customers to make contact with the customer closer and continuous!

The premise is that the customer, whether buying in physical stores or in the online store, feels the same security and satisfaction achieved over the years of the company's existence.


- Bring comfort,

- satisfaction and well-being for our customers


- To be a leader in the national market


- Responsibility
- Respect
- Ethics

Existimos porque nos dão valor, mas principalmente porque o queremos retribuir!

Manuel Alves