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Manuel Alves - Website ( is managed by MASALVES - CALÇADO UNIPESSOAL LDA (Manuel Alves) with taxpayer number - 504 456 091, headquartered at Rua Padre José Peixoto Dias, n 80º 4610-285 Felgueiras.

Below we present our terms of use for visitors and customers on the website, for the purpose of any commercial transaction through our online store.

In order to provide any clarification on the part of our users, please read carefully our terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookie policy.

In case of not complying with the proposed conditions, we recommend that the customer or user does not proceed with the purchase. Buying an item implies acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Online sales are intended only for people over 18 and with full capacity, who may be responsible for the commitments resulting from the purchase and sale of the products sold. When accessing our website, the customer declares to be over 18 years old and to present all the characteristics mentioned above, being responsible for his order.

By accepting the conditions, the customer or user declares that he will not use the website for illegal or illicit purposes.

It is Manuel Alves' responsibility, at any time, to make substitutions, alterations or even totally or partially modify the conditions proposed in this document.

It is up to the user or user to check on our website to update any condition, as this condition will be valid at the time of purchase.

The user account is protected and secured by our website, including the online store. This information is available in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

It is the user's responsibility to provide true data and information, leaving Manuel Alves free of any responsibility.

The user must allow his personal and contact details to be available to complete the purchase process, in particular when the order is delivered by the carrier.

The use of our website and the purchase contracts made through this page are governed by Portuguese law. This provision does not affect the other rights recognized to the consumer by the legislation in force.

This condition will not affect the rights recognized by law.

Whenever necessary, you can contact us through the email address [email protected] for any clarification on our policy.

In case of technical problems such as interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions, or others, which compromise the navigation access of our website, Manuel Alves will try to reverse the situation, however, having no responsibility in the face of the impossibility of access or damage caused , noting also that at any time, the operation of the Website may be temporarily suspended, to improve its functioning.

Manuel Alves can change the offer of products, campaigns and prices at any time.

Manuel Alves has the right to cease access to the Website by a user who does not comply with our conditions of use.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on this website, the user must create an account to be able to make a purchase. The provision of data such as: Full name, Date of birth, E-mail address, Telephone number, Tax Identification Number and Address are mandatory for this purpose.

After the account is created, access to the user's account is done through the email address and password created when registering. The password is restricted to the user, and Manuel Alves has no responsibility for its use or supplying it to third parties.

Product Availability

Our products are available on the website as well as respective information on characteristics, stock and delivery times.

Our products are presented through illustrative images, bringing their essence to the image, however, they may suffer color changes or other aspects, it is important that the user carefully reads the characteristics of the product before its purchase.

Any errors regarding product characteristics will always be rectified by our team whenever possible.

The product stock is always limited, and our main concern is to update it in real time. Whenever an item becomes unavailable, the refund to the customer is made within 30 days.

The prices, products and campaigns on the website are only and only valid for online purchases. Regarding the applied prices, if an error is identified, Manuel Alves will rectify the price as soon as it is detected, always informing the customer about the rectification of the same, and he is free to, if he so wishes, cancel his purchase without any loss.

The prices of the online store and physical stores do not vary, being always presented with the VAT in force in Portugal. As it is an online store, the shipping costs are added to the value of the product, always depending on the final destination of the order. There may be different promotions and campaigns, that is, discounts offered exclusively in physical stores or in the online store. The prices that apply are always those indicated in each article.

Once the order is confirmed, it is not possible to make any price changes on our part.

The order is finalized after choosing the payment and delivery method. The payment methods available will always be indicated, the user choosing the payment method that is most favorable for him.

Intellectual Property

Manuel Alves and the person who granted the license for its use are entitled to copyrights, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights in the materials or content that are provided as part of the website, these being recognized by the client and consented by the same. The customer will only be able to use this material upon our authorization or by those who granted us the license for its use. This does not prevent you from using this web page to, as necessary, copy your order information or Contract data.

The User will not copy, translate, disassemble or decompile, nor create or attempt to create, by reverse engineering or otherwise, the source code and / or object of the website, also refraining from removing any confidentiality or proprietary notices. intellectual property on the Website.

Manuel Alves does not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties.

Viruses, Piracy and Other Computer Attacks

The use of our website for a computer attack such as the intentional introduction of viruses, trojans, spyware, malware or any type of technologically harmful or harmful material through unauthorized access to our page, implies the practice of crimes predicted and punished in the Portuguese law. Manuel Alves will notify the competent authorities and we will cooperate in order to discover the identity of the attacker. We emphasize that the damages resulting from any attack on the service are not our responsibility.


If our website contains links to other pages and materials from third parties, these links are provided for information purposes only, without having any control over the content of those pages or materials, as well as the policies and / or practices. The establishment of links to other websites does not, under any circumstances, imply the existence of relations between Manuel Alves and the owner or manager of the website to which the link refers. Therefore, we will not accept any liability for damages or losses due to its use.

Reasons for Force Majeure

Manuel Alves is not responsible for any breach or delay in any of the obligations assumed by us under a Contract whose cause is due to events that are beyond our control (Reasons for Force Majeure).

The concept of Force Majeure must include any act, event, failure to exercise, omission or accident that is beyond our control, including, among others, the following:
• General strike, or other forms of protest that significantly affect the country;
• Public order disturbances, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (declared or not) or threat or preparation for war;
• Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or any other natural disaster;
• Impossibility to use trains, boats, aircraft, motor transport or other means of transport, public or private; • Inability to use public or private telecommunications systems.
• Government laws, decrees, regulations or restrictions.

Our obligations under the Contracts are suspended for the period in which the Force Majeure Reasons occur and we will benefit from an extension of the period to fulfill such obligations, for a period equal to the duration of the Force Majeure Reasons. We will use all reasonable means to stop the Force Majeure Reasons or to find a solution that allows us to fulfill our obligations under the Contract, despite the Force Majeure Reasons.

Comments and Suggestions

Whenever the user needs, he can ask for assistance, send suggestions, complaints or comments to Manuel Alves through the form on our website, and our team is always available for clarification or resolution of any problem.

Written communication

The User accepts that, when using this Website, the notifications exchanged with Manuel Alves are made electronically, so that the communication is made effectively and due to the legal existence of such notifications being made and recorded in writing. User notifications should preferably be sent through our contact form.

Dispute Resolution

In the presence of any dispute regarding purchase and sale contracts made on this website, we inform the user that he may attempt to resolve it in accordance with EU Regulation No. 524/2013 through access to the online dispute resolution platform online , at

You can consult the updated list of Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities available under article 17 of Law no. 144/2015, of 8 September, on the Consumer Portal, through the website

Manuel Alves is not bound by adherence or legal imposition resulting from necessary arbitration, to any entity for the alternative resolution of consumer disputes.