Escolha como quer devolver a sua encomenda

Pode trocar e/ou devolver a sua encomenda online nas nossas lojas físicas de forma prática e rápida!
Só tem de levar a encomenda na caixa original, juntamente com a fatura. Em caso de devolução, a encomenda seguirá para a sede da empresa onde será processado o reembolso no prazo de 14 dias.

Na sua área pessoal

Para efetuar uma troca e/ou devolução online, poderá proceder da seguinte forma: Aceda à sua Área Pessoal e submeta o pedido de devolução da encomenda, preenchendo o formulário online e agendando uma recolha DPD que tem um custo de 4.00€.
Também poderá enviar a sua encomenda para o nosso armazém para a morada indicada na fatura, e preencher no formulário enviado junto com a fatura, o que pretende (Troca de tamanho, artigo ou devolução). O custo é suportado pelo cliente e poderá enviar através de uma transportadora à sua escolha!

Prepare a embalagem

A sua encomenda deve estar devidamente identificada. A caixa original não ser enviada danificada
nem envolta em fita cola. Para isso, deve embrulhar num saco de plástico/caixa e selar bem.

Entregue a sua embalagem

Se agendou recolha através da sua área pessoal, aguarde que a DPD recolha a sua encomenda!
Se não agendou recolha na área pessoal poderá entregar numa transportadora à sua escolha!
Recordamos que poderá entregar numa das nossas lojas físicas!

Exchanges and Returns

Return Policy

In accordance with Decree Law No. 24/2014, of February 14, amended by Law 47/2012, of July 28 and Decree Law No. 78/2018, of October 15, Consumers, whose definition is provided for in said law legally, have the right to freely terminate the contract, up to 14 days after receipt of the order, without any need for justification, with full refund of the products and the respective shipping costs (except in cases of special shipments, which are responsibility of the customer), ensuring the customer only return expenses.

In case the order has not yet been dispatched, it is possible for the customer to cancel the order through the email address [email protected]

When the order has already been shipped, the customer must wait for the receipt of the order and make the return via our website. The return of the order may be the totality of the products or some of the products, and no more than one return can be made, in different periods, for the same order. Manuel Alves will acknowledge receipt of the customer's return request within 24 hours.

The customer, after receiving the order and filling in the return data on the website, has 14 days to deliver the products, according to the instructions on the website, to our facilities, by mail. to the following address:

MASALVES Footwear Unipessoal Limitada

Rua Padre José Peixoto Dias nº803

4610-285 Felgueiras

The return of the article must be made using the original packaging. The product must include all order documents, labels, and product packaging.

Returned products will always be checked to ensure that they have been returned under the same shipping conditions. Only after this verification is the return validated and the refund is made, using the same payment method used by the user, being made within 14 days. The refund is retained until we receive the form or proof of return, we have received the product or item in our facilities not showing the same conditions with which it was shipped.

In case the article does not present the initial conditions or some of the return parameters have not been respected, the refund is not made, the customer being informed, by email, of the reasons for which it was refused. The customer thus has the option to request the reshipment of the product (s), assuming the transport costs of the same (s)

All rights recognized by the law in force will be safeguarded.

Exchange Policy

The customer has 14 days from the date of receipt of the products to exchange them (size change), accessing our website and filling in data to collect the product.

• Exchange in physical store:
The customer can make a size change in any of our physical stores, free of charge.

• Exchange via online:
The exchange via online implies the payment of the return shipping costs by the customer and the costs of resending the order are borne by Manuel Alves.

There are no exchanges for used products, without product packaging and / or labels or that have any damage on the part of the user, so the products must be exchanged under the conditions in which they were delivered to the customer.

The product will always be checked by our team, and as soon as it is found that it is in exact condition at the time of shipment of the order, the exchange process is analyzed in order to ensure that the procedure was carried out on time and respecting our conditions. If it is accepted, the exchange is made.

In case the article does not present the initial conditions or some of the exchange parameters have not been respected, it is not carried out, and the customer is informed, by email, of the reasons for which it was refused. The customer thus has the option to request the reshipment of the product (s), assuming the transport costs of the same (s).

Exchange Policy - Defects

Manuel Alves always looks after the quality of its products, maintaining a strict quality control of them. However, and within 2 years from the date of delivery of the product, the customer is guaranteed the product. The same will have to inform Manuel Alves, within a maximum period of 2 months after the date of detection of the defect.

During the warranty, the defective product that cannot be repaired is replaced by a new model, or similar.

When the customer finds that the item is defective, he should contact Manuel Alves through the email address [email protected], presenting the defect of the item through photographs, as well as presenting the invoice.

Subsequently, the process will be analyzed by our team and if there is a defect, we will replace it at no cost, informing the customer and scheduling the collection of the damaged item.

Manuel Alves points out possible cases in which, at the time the contract is signed, the user becomes aware of the lack of conformity or defect in the product and he has purchased the product under these conditions.

The warranty is excluded whenever the product shows signs of misuse, namely, damage caused by blows, poor maintenance and cleaning, neglect, deterioration, oxidation, loss or loss, unauthorized repairs, modifications, accidents or normal wear as well as damage caused by the use of other products.